The $3 IKEA Find That Makes Coffee with Nut Milk Taste Like It Has Real Milk in It

(Image credit: Erika Tracy)

Regardless of how much caffeine your day needs, if the foam-filled portion of your brew is a priority, I have the tool for you.

This inexpensive, battery-powered, and highly-reviewed (more than 2,500 people have shared their opinion on Amazon, where you will pay more for it) frother from IKEA has helped me take a warm brew from essential to enjoyable. And I’m convinced it’s the ultimate tool to convert creamer-lovers to the nut milk side.

Here’s what I love about it.

(Image credit: IKEA)

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1. It foams all things.

No matter your brand or flavor, this stainless-steel speedster takes thin, flat nut milk to a nice froth in seconds. Yes, seconds. Some reviewers suggested heating milk first or various other steps. My best advice: Pour the nut milk into your favorite mug, insert frother just below the surface (wait to turn it on or you’re wearing your nut milk!), move it up and down for a few seconds, and then pour in the coffee.

Whether you’ve sampled all the almond milks at your local Whole Foods or you’ve become hard-core enough to squeeze nutty juice of your own accord, I promise this added froth will make you guzzle with a little more delight.

2. It’s not an investment.

At less than $3, who cares if there are grumpy reviewers? I’ll confess I’ve purchased no less than a half dozen of these in the last few years. A few flaky ones have landed in my kitchen and I like to keep an extra on hand because IKEA isn’t a convenient jaunt from our town. For the most part, though, each one has held up and been a trusty tool. You’ll notice a change when the batteries start to die, but it peps right back up with a fresh set of AA.

3. It helped me quit added sweetener.

Black coffee just doesn’t cut it for me. And even a bit of this stuff still leaves something to be desired. Frothed-up nut milk, though? Well, that’s a different story. A fun story, that is! A fluffy layer of foam perched softly on the top of my morning cup keeps me distracted from the fact that I haven’t added any sugar.

Have you found another frother with great results? Want to share your path to a love of nut milk (and never looking back) with us? Share away!

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