The 10 Best IKEA Kitchen Finds for $5 or Less

updated Jun 9, 2019
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I feel safe betting that every single one of you who’s ever been to an IKEA has been distracted from those meandering walkways in the Marketplace by pretty glassware or a fun new napkin pattern. There’s tons of cute, cheap stuff in the Marketplace — and where IKEA really delivers is in the kitchen section, with a mix of bargain-priced classics and unique accessories that look way more expensive than the price tag says.

That said, here are the best finds you get can get there for $5 or less.

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  1. PROPPMÄTT beech chopping board, $4: It’s hard to believe that a solid beach wood chopping board — great for everyday slicing or serving cheese and crackers to guests — is less than $5!
  2. TRÅDLÖS brass honey dipper and tea measure, $3: An old-school tool in trendy brass packaging, this honey dipper is the sort of gadget you’d want splurge on — but don’t have to.
  3. SOCKERKAKA pink baking cups, $5 for nine: I’m a big fan of silicone cupcake wrappers, as they save you from having to toss used paper wrappers, and these pink ones deliver in cheerful packaging.
  4. GRUNKA stainless steel utensil set, $5 for four: Ready to finally have a matching set of cooking utensils? This stainless steel utensil set boasts classic lines and functionality in an inexpensive package.
  5. KORKEN glass jar with lid, $5: Just the thing for your open-shelf display of granola and almonds, at a fraction of the price of comparable containers. The airtight seal makes it good for storage inside the fridge, too.
  6. TEKLA dish towel, $1: Our editorial style is to round prices up to the nearest dollar, but we should point out that this towel is just 79 cents! It’s the best way to spend (less than) a dollar a IKEA.
  7. VARDAGEN measuring cup, $5: I love the style of this extra-large, 34-ounce (about 4 cups) measuring cup — it feels like something you’d find in a chemistry lab.
  8. HÄNGSYREN gray pot holder, $3: This flexible pot holder can grab things out of the oven or work as a trivet when you put a hot casserole on the table.
  9. FRAKTA shopping bag, $1.50: The medium version of the store’s iconic shopping bag is actually great for hauling home groceries from the store or famers market.
  10. GODIS clear glasses, $4 for six: There are quite a few sets of glasses for less than $5 at IKEA, but Kitchn staffers are partial to these, which make for fun wine or cocktail glasses.

What are some your favorite IKEA finds for $5 or less?