Popping Up in the Kitchen: The BEKVÄM Step Stool From IKEA

(Image credit: Tim Borgsmidt for Bolig)

Much like the RÅSKOG cart, the BEKVÄM step stool is a kitchen workhorse. Once you start looking for it, you see it everywhere!

The BEKVÄM comes in unpainted wood, but it seems you rarely find it that way. It’s so easy to paint, so you often see it as a brightly colored piece in the kitchen — a shot of electric yellow or red in the corner or under the table. It’s also a great piece for kids.

Do you have the BEKVÄM stool in your kitchen?

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(Images: 1. Tim Borgsmidt for Bolig; 2. IKEA Family Live; 3. Via Houzz; 4. In My House; 5. Freckles Chick; 6. Pour Toujours via Houzz; 7. Cape 27; 8. Iben og Niels Ahlberg for Bolig; 9. Door Sixteen; 10. Weekday Carnival)