The Special Section in IKEA for Bargain-Hunting Opportunists

updated Apr 30, 2019
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There’s no shortage of good deals to be had at IKEA, from the plant department to the annual kitchen sale. In fact, some of the best buys cost less than $15. But what if we told you that there were even better deals to be had if you dared to venture into the store’s As-Is section?

What’s that you say? You already knew that? Here’s something you might not know: A little strategy can help you find better merchandise and save you even more money. So next time you’re browsing the treasure trove that is this section of the store, keep these lesser-known facts in mind.

1. Wednesday is the best day for discounts.

According to an IKEA employee, most IKEA stores offer 10 percent off items in the As-Is section of the store on Wednesdays. But call your local store before running out. Some stores run this promotion on alternate days.

2. Mondays (in June) are the best days for variety.

Though employees say the As-Is section is replenished daily, Reddit users claim the loot is superior on Mondays, because more returns take place over the weekend.

If you really want to find the largest variety of merchandise, make it a priority to visit the As-Is section in June. According to Refinery29, in June, all the display merchandise is moved to the As-Is section to make room for new merchandise.

3. You can score unopened items.

If you’re as lucky as this Reddit user, you may just stumble across an unopened item among the ranks of beat up options in the section. Though the item had been marked as a showroom/display piece, the box was fully sealed. Thread chatter hypothesizes the item was either discontinued or returned, but wound up with the wrong sticker on it. Either way, these types of items are more likely to be in mint condition.

4. You can get great deals on plants, too.

Think beyond the BILLY bookcase when shopping the IKEA As-Is section. You can find a wide range of items in this part of the warehouse, including plants—especially if you can look past some initial flaws.

One Reddit user found a perfectly good cactus for just $1. It was there presumably because it tipped over and had dirt all over it, but all the plant needed was a little TLC. After dusting it with an old paintbrush and tweezers, the cactus was as good as new.

Another Redditor found a huge bird of paradise for only $9. Aside from a few crispy edges on the leaves, the plant was completely fine.

5. You can return as-is items.

“Products from the As-Is section are not covered under our warranty policies, however they are covered under our returns policy,” a rep from IKEA told Apartment Therapy. “That is to say, customers dissatisfied with an item purchased in As-Is can return the item.”

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