Do You Have an IKEA Kitchen Appliance? Share Your IKEA Appliance Reviews!

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I’m in the early stages of renovating a fixer-upper first home, and I’m currently in the market for an entire kitchen’s worth of appliances. Searching for solid information on appliances has been an unexpectedly overwhelming and frustrating experience (more on this later). Right now I am researching some of IKEA’s appliance offerings, and I’m curious: Have you ever bought or used a major kitchen appliance from IKEA? If so, what has your experience been?

IKEA introduced their branded line of appliances a few years ago. They include all of the major kitchen appliances: Refrigerators, stovetops and ranges, ovens, and dishwashers. These are sold at good but not shockingly low prices, and they all come with an excellent 5-year warranty (most other non-luxury appliances only have 1-year warranty).

Most of these appliances are actually manufactured by Whirlpool, who makes appliances that are sold under many other brand names. See a great list here of who makes what:

The Purchase : Who makes what? at Appliance411

It’s difficult to get wide, solid data on IKEA appliances (as it is on any major appliance) and so while I have read through many threads on GardenWeb and IKEAFans, it’s difficult to come up with a picture of how worthy these appliances are.

I am particularly interested in the ovens, but would love to hear your stories of any and all IKEA appliance experiences. Have you purchased an IKEA appliance? What was the purchasing experience like? Which appliance did you purchase, how long have you had it, and how has it held up? Would you buy from IKEA again?

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