IHOP Is Finally Releasing a Mini Pancake Cereal and It Tastes Like Their Famous Blueberry Pancakes

published Dec 5, 2022
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IHOP Mini Pancake Cereal
Credit: General Mills

Pancakes have often been a special weekend brunch treat, while a simple bowl of cereal made more sense for a busy weekday morning. But a TikTok food trend kicked off in 2020 brilliantly combined the two breakfast staples, as a cereal composed of pancakes became a reality. And now, just two years later, IHOP — the most recognizable name in pancakes — has found a way to get involved.

In what could be known as one of the most fun food mashups of the year, IHOP has teamed up with General Mills to create its own version of the ever-popular mini pancake cereal — and it’s blueberry-flavored.

The IHOP Mini Pancake Cereal Blueberry & Syrup variety comes with tiny pancake-shaped cereal that promises to have both both flavors in every bite. The goal is that a bowl of this cereal will taste like a stack of IHOP’s famous blueberry pancakes and syrup, and if you ask me, it’s the best combo they could’ve released because that’s my go-to order when I am out for a pancake breakfast.

While this cereal isn’t exactly like the TikTok fad (which was quite literally pancakes enjoyed as cereal), there’s an obvious bit of inspiration here. Crunchy cereal pieces are ultimately a lot more accessible though, and when not being enjoyed in a bowl with milk, could also be really fun for on-the-go snacking or as a sundae or yogurt topper.

Ready to see if IHOP can create pancake magic through cereal too? Well, don’t run out to your favorite grocery store yet. This limited-edition cereal won’t begin appearing on select shelves until late December with a nationwide release happening shortly after in January. Here’s to good eating!