If You Love Cauliflower Rice, You Should Try Riced Broccoli

updated Jun 3, 2019
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If cruciferous veggies hold a special place in your heart, and you have a real thing for those versatile, tender “grains” of riced cauliflower, there’s another ingredient you need on your radar: riced broccoli!

What Exactly Is Riced Broccoli?

Like its cauliflower counterpart, riced broccoli isn’t going to fool you as a stand-in for rice. Made from the florets and stems, riced broccoli is processed into crisp, rice-like grains that can be used cooked or uncooked, in all the same ways you’d use cauliflower rice, or even actual rice.

The Easy Way to Make Riced Broccoli at Home

Starting with a whole head, riced broccoli is easy to make and comes together in about five minutes. Both the florets and stem can be used, and it’s made the exact same way you make riced cauliflower: in the food processor or with a box grater.

  • Food processor: Cut the head into large florets, peel the outer layer off the stem and cut into large chunks. In one to two batches, pulse in the food processor, in one-second bursts, until it’s the texture and size of rice.
  • Box grater: You can also run the florets and peeled stems over the largest holes on a box grater for the same result.

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Want a more convenient option? In response to its rise in popularity, some stores like Trader Joe’s now offer pre-packaged bags of riced broccoli. They’re typically sold fresh in the produce section.

Ways to Use Riced Broccoli

If you already have a handle on incorporating riced cauliflower into your meal plan, you’re well on your way to success with its broccoli counterpart. Riced broccoli is really versatile and can be used in all the same ways you might use riced cauliflower. Serve it cooked or uncooked, in everything from salads to fried rice to burrito bowls. Is there a recipe you love that uses riced cauliflower? Go ahead and change it up by swapping in riced broccoli.

Try These Recipes with Riced Broccoli

Swap the riced cauliflower in each of these recipes for riced broccoli!