If You Like Scandinavian Design, You’ll Love This Australian Shop

updated May 1, 2019
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(Image credit: Susanna Hopler)

Australia is known for its people with fun accents, kangaroos, and breathtaking outback (the land, not the chain restaurant). It should also be known for its design. Some of it is so sleek that it can pass as Scandinavian — or something even better! Just check out one of our favorite shops, Arro Home, for proof.

We want it all, but in the interest of not going bankrupt, we rounded up just 10 of our favorite kitchen items from the site.

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  1. Rose Top Kitchen Canisters, $20 for two: Every kitchen can benefit from a little extra storage. These canisters are a little less than six inches tall and five inches wide, so they’ll be handy without taking up too much counter space.
  2. White Grind Mill, $12: Because there are very few dishes that aren’t made better with a little freshly ground pepper.
  3. Occasion Tray, $30: Use this minty tray for serving or just to corral remotes and magazines on the coffee table.
  4. Notebook Tea Towel, $8 for two: In case you didn’t pick up on this from the name, these tea towels are designed to look like loose-leaf paper from your school days. Don’t worry — there won’t be a quiz later.
  5. Mara Tumblers, $32 for four: Fill these tumblers up with wine or your favorite cocktail. The outside ridges can improve your grip and cure a case of the dropsies.
  6. Winter Breakfast Bowl, $8: You might actually give yourself time for the most important meal of the day if you have this dipped clay bowl, which happens to be perfect for cereal, yogurt, granola, and more.
  7. Cylinder Apron, $12: This apron has a little pouch — just like a kangaroo! Buy it, name your phone Joey, and then stash it in the pocket. Please?
  8. Splatter Plates, $46 for four: These ceramic (and dishwasher-safe!) plates are a work of art on their own. And just imagine how much prettier they’ll be once you put your home-cooked meal on them.
  9. Confetti Oven Mitt, $15: Buy two of these and wear them with your winter coat. You know you want to.
  10. Jessica Vase, $8: How cute would some yellow flowers look in this vase? That’s a rhetorical question because we already know the answer: Pretty darn cute!