If You Care About Your Teeth, Eat All of Your Easter Candy at Once

(Image credit: Leela Cyd)

Ever feel guilty for binging on too many sugary sweets in one sitting? Well, thanks to science, now you can feel at least a little better about it.

Accepting the fact that eating a ton of candy isn’t good for you, it turns out that eating it all at once actually might be healthier — for your teeth, at least.

After eating sugar, it takes your mouth between 20 and 120 minutes to balance itself. Until that process is finished, your teeth are under attack, which is obviously not an ideal state for them to be in! But having a slice of chocolate babka with your coffee at 10, then a handful of jelly beans at 10:30, followed by a few bites of your chocolate bunny at 11:15, then a few more at 12 only prolongs the battle. That’s right — spreading out your sugary indulgences over the course of the day puts your poor chompers under constant attack!

Again, I can’t really say that eating a mountain of sugar is, in any way, a good thing, but if you’re gonna do it, Easter and Halloween are certainly your best excuses. Basically, you can consider this your ammo for any criticism you might face for enjoying Easter in a way that would make your younger self proud.