Strong Smelling Foods = Smaller Bites?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

A recent article on NPR reports that the intensity of a food’s aroma may cause people to eat less of it. In other words, “the stronger the smell, the smaller the bite.” Could this be a new way to regulate eating habits?

According to The Salt, NPR’s food blog,

To isolate aroma from other food sensations, the scientists set up a machine that delivered vanilla custard into the 10 study participants’ mouths. They could control the size of the bite delivered. Then a cream aroma was piped into the peoples’ noses, at varied levels of intensity. People had about 5 percent less in each bite when the cream aroma was stronger.

These findings aren’t conclusive, as this was a very small study published in Flavour, a new research journal. But an interesting thought!