If Rosé and Grapefruit Had a Baby It Would Taste Like This

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This month we’re celebrating the rainbow in true Kitchn style. In other words, we’re eating — and drinking — all the colors. Of course, when it comes to wine, we’re all about pink. Yep, we’re team #yeswayrosé all the way and, to be honest, we haven’t met a rosé we’d kick off our summer tables (or lawns, or pool decks). But that doesn’t mean we don’t play favorites.

Here’s the bottle Managing Editor Geraldine Campbell is drinking right now.

A couple weekends ago, I went for dinner at my friend Mollie’s new house. It was a very big deal. My friend owns a house! I felt like I did when I moved into my apartment and I couldn’t get over the fact that it has a foyer. I rent, but still: I have a foyer! Anyway, I felt kind of like that, only many magnitudes of excitement more.


Of course, there was plenty of wine to toast Mollie and her husband and much of it was pink. I’d happily drink the Austrian frizzante that we paired with boquerones on toast again, but the star of the show came later in the evening, when we tucked into tarte Tatin.

My Favorite Rosé: Rémi Sédès Rosé Samplemousse Côteaux d’Ancenis, $22 at Ruby Wine Merchant.


For starters, the label was a stunner — it reminded me of Brittany Wright’s photography. Then there was the wine itself: It tasted as if rosé and grapefruit had a baby. Tart and refreshing, it’s basically the perfect drink for summer. And while it’s on the pricier side for rosés, it’s definitely worth it, not to mention it makes a gorgeous and delicious gift.