Remove These 3 Road Blocks to Keep Your Kitchen Cleaner and Happier

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

The kitchen is one of those rooms in your home that sees a great deal of use. It can spiral out of control in a jiffy, but its daily use isn’t usually the thing that really holds it back from staying clean. Here are three common road blocks that, once removed, will help you stay in the groove and keep your kitchen clean and happy.

The easiest ways to identify these hangups is to take a look at your kitchen when it’s at its worst. Yes it can be scary and you’ll probably want to avert your eyes and run for cover, but when our kitchen seems like it can’t hold one more dirty dish is the best time to see things for what they are.

Even though there will always be messes, remedying the following things can help your kitchen run at a much smoother pace.

• 1. Do You Have Cleaning Supplies Close By?
I really believe that all cleaning supplies should live in their respective rooms. Thinking you’ll drag the counter spray cleaner back from the bathroom? A joke. Or rather, it won’t be at hand right at the moment you need it. Also, make sure you have towels ready for any job, at all times. You may need to invest in more, but towels can be pot holders, trivets, cleaning tools and more!

• Is Your Trash Can (or Recycling Center) Too Small?
For years my husband and I would have the trash can and then a bag on the floor next to the trash can with more things in it that just weren’t going to fit. A 13-gallon can is the industry standard size, but many of us use smaller cans. And if you can’t compost, the trash gets very full this time of year with heavy trimmings from squash, potatoes, and other fall vegetables. Clutter can easily gather on counters and in common areas, too, when your recycling bins are too small or too far away from the kitchen.

• Do You Need an Extra (or Larger) Drying Rack?
It’s easy for even clean kitchens to pile up. Do you put off washing dishes because the drying rack is still full? Do you have a spot to put dishes as you clean them?

Where do road blocks exist in your kitchen? Share your hot spots in the comments below!

(Image: Flickr member emotionaltoothpaste licensed for use by Creative Commons)