Ideas for a Sugar-Free Cake and Frosting?

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Q: It is almost my daughter’s first birthday. In my family it is a tradition to let a one-year-old eat/destroy their own cake.

The only problem: I am not ready for my daughter to start eating sugar. Any ideas for no-sugar cake and frosting?

Sent by Siouxzy

Editor: Siouxzy, happy birthday to your little one! This question reminds us of Jessica’s similar question about a healthier birthday cake for her twins:

You might find some good ideas in there! You could also go Sara kate’s route and just have a cheese round! You could also do the classic meatloaf cake — perhaps made with ground chicken and a pretty piped topping of mashed potatoes colored with beet juice.

Readers, any ideas for Siouxzy?

(Image: Sara Kate Gillingham-Ryan)