Ideas for a Gluten-Free Wedding Cake?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Q: One of my best friends is getting married in December! She is allergic to gluten, and her fiance is more a fan of savory than sweet. Do you have any suggestions for a dessert that can be used in the traditional “cutting the cake”, fits the season (winter), and is made without wheat gluten?

Sent by Catherine

Editor: Catherine, if the couple would really like to try something savory, what about a big, beautiful wheel of cheese — perhaps even three, stacked? It could make a gorgeous display and final piece of the meal, especially if served with fruit. Take a look at the little wheel of cheese Sara Kate served at her daughter’s birthday a couple years ago.

And then there is always cheesecake, too! A great crowd-pleaser, and easily gluten-free.

Readers, other ideas for a gluten-free wedding cake?

(Image: Sara Kate Gillingham-Ryan)