I’d Forgotten That Breakfast Is the Best… Until Today.

published Mar 7, 2014
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This morning I woke and up and made breakfast in a clean kitchen. And it felt so good. As I shared yesterday, my biggest deterrent to cooking everyday is a messy kitchen, so one of my goals for this Cooking Cure has been to clean the kitchen after every meal. Last night I cleaned the kitchen both before and after dinner (hopefully I won’t be doing that again for a long time!), which left me with a neat, sunny space in which to make my breakfast sandwich this morning…

… which turned out great. I crisped the bacon till it was snappy, subbed in a whole grain English muffin for the bun, and fried the egg in a bit of the leftover bacon grease because it’s Friday and I was feeling indulgent. The days of peanut butter and toast seem long ago.

I didn’t forget about my fruit, either (another breakfast goal of mine). A pear I bought over a week ago was finally ripe enough to eat today, so I had that on the side.

Breakfast, I’d forgotten how great you are. Let’s be friends forever, ok?

I’m now starting to think about my breakfast for next week:

  • Monday: Homemade Olive Oil Granola with Greek yogurt and a small green smoothie on the side. This is my very favorite granola recipe. I just bought some more oats and plan to make a big batch this weekend.
  • Tuesday: Totally making this breakfast sandwich again. Yum.
  • Wednesday: Steel-Cut Oatmeal topped with pecans, banana, dried fruit, and a little maple syrup. I’ll start this Tuesday night so it’ll be ready to go Wednesday morning!
  • Thursday: Olive Oil Granola with Greek yogurt again, and another small smoothie.
  • Friday: Scrambled Eggs with Goat Cheese, Greek Yogurt, and Greens, with a whole grain English muffin and some sliced fruit on the side.
  • Saturday: For my slightly-more-involved weekend breakfast, I’m going to finally give this English Muffin Bread from Lottie + Doof a try, which I imagine will be delicious once topped with a little butter or jam, or as a base for scrambled eggs.
  • Sunday: If the English Muffin Bread turns out, that will be my breakfast on Sunday, perhaps topped with some ricotta and honey.

Given the list above, I need to make granola this weekend and go to the grocery store. But man, I’m loving my breakfast outlook for next week. It feels doable, yet every dish has me excited to eat!

What are your plans for breakfast next week?