Remove the Core from Iceberg Lettuce in Seconds with This Simple Trick

published May 21, 2022
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Platter of four broiled and quartered iceberg lettuce wedges topped with tomatoes, bleu cheese, and vinaigrette sit on a table.
Credit: Joe Lingeman; Food Stylist: Cyd McDowell

Nothing quite matches the freshness of a crisp homemade salad with a simple dressing. While I love experimenting with all types of salad greens, for a classic wedge salad, nothing beats iceberg. Beyond salads, iceberg is also a key player for the perfect hamburger, seven-layer dip, and this copycat Crunchwrap.

Prior to properly washing and drying your lettuce, you’ll need to remove the core from iceberg without losing too many perfectly good leaves. Thanks to a trick from TikTok’s El diablo de Estocolmo, this is super simple. All you need is a head of iceberg lettuce and your hands!

The directions in El diablo de Estocolmo’s TikTok video are pretty straightforward: Hold the top of the head of iceberg lettuce in one hand firmly and then use some force to drive the palm of your other hand into the core on the bottom. The core sinks into the lettuce slightly and is then easy to tear out and remove. Once the core is removed, your lettuce is ready to wash and use in your favorite salad or dish.

I tried the hack out at home on a large head of lettuce, and it worked pretty well! You can see the results in my photo above.

Have you tried this trick, or do you have another way to core iceberg? Share your thoughts in the comments.