This Ingenious Party Platter Will Keep Your Charcuterie Board Fresh All Day Long

published Jul 20, 2023
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Table ready for dinner party in back yard on a summer day. No people.
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It has been brutally hot this summer: a non-stop-sweat, stay-inside-at-all-costs level of heat that I’m not sure any of us have ever experienced before. But still, it is summer time, and who doesn’t want to host (or attend, if that’s more your vibe) an outdoor gathering or two? The sunshine lasts way longer, so you can stay out on the patio for greater lengths of time — more even, if you have a pool to help you beat the heat.

Still, some of us (aka those of us who are a lot stronger than me) don’t mind braving the weather in order to have a backyard get-together with friends and family, and if that sounds anything like you, I have a product that you’ll want to get your hands on as fast as you can. It’ll make your outdoor entertaining way more enjoyable and solve a problem that often goes unnoticed, but you’ll never go back once you realize it. I’m talking about the Prodyne Ice Party Platter on Amazon.

What is the Prodyne Ice Party Platter?

This clear, 15-by-11-inch serving tray will totally revolutionize your serving experience. Of course, it’s especially good for when you want to keep foods cold outside, but it’s just as beneficial inside whenever things sit out for a while. Once you add ice to the compartment underneath, it’ll make your foods last longer and stay fresher — and it’s easy to replace the ice when it melts, because you can just slide the tray right out.

The longer-lasting freshness is helped along by an included lid, which, in addition to retaining the cold, keeps bugs away from your food. Plus, it has four compartments to keep things separate, and when you’re moving between the kitchen and patio, it’s a breeze to carry with the built-in finger grips. Then, when your entertaining has wrapped up for the day, you can slide the break-resistant platter into the fridge if there are still leftovers — but the parts also nest together, so it’ll take up less space when you store it away.

Credit: Amazon

What Amazon Reviewers are Saying

Average Rating: 4.4/5

“This was much nicer quality than I expected. Really happy with this purchase. I used it recently to serve shrimp cocktail. Love everything about it. Worth the money.” – Michelle Aparicio

“It is made of strong materials and it looks very pretty! I used it and loved it. It will last more than just a few times. If you don’t leave it open for a long time the ice will last a while and it will keep your food very nicely for a reasonable amount of time!” – Karolmh

“This has worked great on the boat. It’s substantial enough to stay in place, especially with ice in bottom portion. Keeps items cool. Lid is handy to avoid bugs. Removable tray is convenient for serving. Versatile for serving different foods. Great addition for parties.” – Kathleen M Robinson

With how hot it is outside this summer, trust me: This ingenious platter is a necessity if you see any outdoor snacking in your future. But even if you’re like me and staying firmly inside, it’ll help preserve your food when it’s sitting out on the counter, so it’s a must either way.