Questions for David Lebovitz: Best Ice Cream Maker?

Questions for David Lebovitz: Best Ice Cream Maker?

Faith Durand
Aug 21, 2008

When we toured David Lebovitz's Paris kitchen earlier this year, we didn't get a chance to see his ice cream maker, since he stashes it under his bed. (We have a similar storage method for our bulky ice cream maker!) Since he graciously agreed to answer a few questions for us this week, we took the opportunity to ask about his favorite kind of ice cream maker.

Specifically, our question was from Sara Kate, who asked: "What is your favorite method for churning ice cream? I'm having frustrations with my KitchenAid attachment whipping what seems to be too much air into my base."

Here's David's answer. He says:

For churning ice cream, I'm a big fan of my Cuisinart ICE 50. It has a built in compressor so I can churn out a batch of ice cream or sorbet whenever the mood strikes since I don't have to freeze anything in advance.

Of course, this kind of machine is more expensive that smaller ones. But since I make so much ice cream, I can justify the price. Plus I make a lot more ice cream just knowing how easy it's going to be to churn it up. Which, depending on how you look at it, isn't necessarily a good thing. (It's so packed, I can barely close my freezer right now!)

Thanks David! We reviewed the Cuisinart ICE 50 recently and we like it a lot too. If you don't want to plunk down the money for it, though, you can also try one of the less expensive Cuisinart models that require freezing the bowl in advance.

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(Images: Kristin Hohenadel and Faith Hopler)

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