Ice Cream Sandwiches Made with Super Thin BrowniesEveryday with Rachael Ray

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

These remind us of the classic, store-bought, rectangular ice cream sandwiches, and they don’t seem any harder than making the cookie sandwiches we love so much…

One benefit over cookie sandwiches is that you make this thin layer of brownies in one pan—no multiple batches of cookies—and then cut it into rectangles or squares. The batter is incredibly simple, with very few ingredients.

Get the recipe: Brownie Ice Cream Sandwiches, from Everyday with Rachael Ray (via Saveur)

We’re big fans of the brownie ice cream sundae: just a regular brownie topped with ice cream and hot fudge. This is just a slightly fancier alternative. Think of these with banana or peppermint ice cream sandwiched in between the chocolatey layers—oh boy.

(Image: Jim Franco for Everyday with Rachael Ray)