WikiPearls: The Ice Cream of the Future

published Jul 24, 2013
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Who needs Cronuts when there are WikiPearls? This new futuristic treat consists of ice cream wrapped in a flavorful protective skin. You can hold the dessert in your hand and it won’t melt all over you. Is this Dippin’ Dots all grown up? 

The ice cream comes in three flavors: mango ice cream with coconut skin, chocolate ice cream with hazelnut skin, and vanilla ice cream with peanut skin. Currently you can only get WikiPearls at the WikiBar in Paris.

The masterminds behind the protective membrane, Harvard professor David Edwards and French designer Francois Azambourg, say the purpose of these protective skins, or WikiCells, is to reduce waste and improve the consumer’s health through vitamin-supplemented skins and portion control. One ice cream ball has only 50 calories. 

Ice cream is just the beginning for WikiCells – there will soon be WikiCheese, WikiYogurt, and WikiCoffee. According to Wired, In the long-term Edwards envisions “wiki technology in the home where parents could customize the fillings and skins to make their children a package-free lunch.”


Can you imagine drinking a cocktail or beer out of a WikiCell? I think it would be fun to try for desserts and booze, but I wouldn’t want it for actual meals. What do you think?