A La Mode: Ice Cream Flavors That Go Well with Pie

updated Jun 14, 2023
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slice of apple pie with ice cream having caramel drizzled on it
Credit: Photo: Joe Lingeman; Food Styling: Jesse Szewczyk

For a lot of us, no slice of pie is complete without a melting scoop of ice cream. And we firmly believe that If you are serving ice cream on top of your slice, it should complement — not clash with — the flavor of the pie. Stick to simple, smooth ice creams without a lot of bells and whistles.

A classic vanilla ice cream works with just about everything, but something with a single nut flavor (like pistachio) is also great with a fruit galette.

If you scoop the ice cream right onto hot pie, the ensuing melt can make the crust soggy and mingle too much with the filling so that there are no longer distinct flavors: pie plus ice cream. Our opinion: Let the pie sit until it’s just warm before serving it a la mode.

Choose (or make) an ice cream flavor that adds another dimension to the pie, even if it’s just a mellow, creamy, vanilla accompaniment. In other words, no pumpkin ice cream with pumpkin pie. Let them play off of each other (like a lemon ice cream with a blueberry pie).

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Classic Vanilla Ice Cream
Homemade ice cream only takes aboout 25 minutes to make. Just remember to pre-chill you bowl for 24 hours and set aside with the mixture for 3 hours before churning.
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Coffee Ice Cream Recipe
For the creamiest coffee ice cream, look to this storage-friendly recipe.
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Pistachio Ice Cream Recipe
This pistachio ice cream tastes like raw pistachio nuts along with the cool, creamy texture of ice cream.
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Tangy Sour Cream Ice Cream

Pies, especially fruit-based ones, ask for something creamy, not too sweet, with a bit of tang. A lemon-kissed sour cream ice cream covers all bases.

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Lemon Curd Ice Cream

A sweet-tart compliment to summer berry pies.

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Oat Milk Ice Cream
If you're craving a rich and creamy frozen treat, then this oat milk ice cream recipe truly satisfies.
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Vegan Cashew Ice Cream
A dreamy (vegan!) cashew ice cream that only requires three ingredients and no cooking.
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No-Churn Ice Cream
This ice cream is made with only two ingredients, requires no stovetop cooking, and can be made with just a hand mixer. No ice cream machine needed.
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