I Want to Drink Green Tea, but Don’t Enjoy the Taste. Any Tips?

updated May 1, 2019
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Q: According to information I have been reading, I should be drinking green tea. I have tried many varieties, and have never found a green tea that I enjoy the taste of. What brand would you recommend? Any tips?

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Editor: Grassy. Harsh. Bitter. These are some of the ways green tea has been described by those who aren’t enamored of its flavor. And those descriptions are correct — but only when a cup of green tea has been prepared incorrectly. Mostly this means the tea was steeped for too long, or you didn’t rinse the leaves before brewing. From the temperature of the water to the steeping time, there are many variables that affect the overall flavor in your cup.

Before you turn on the kettle to make the next cup, take a look at our guide on how to make green tea and our explanation of the different types of green teas so you’re fully prepared to make you best cup yet. And keep in mind, you can always enjoy it cold, too!

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