I Tried the Super-Popular Paste That’s Supposed to Clean and Polish Stainless Steel (and Other Surfaces)

updated Jun 25, 2021
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Someone holding Shadazzle in the kitchen.
Credit: Sarah Crowley

When it comes to new-to-me cleaning products, I’m not easily impressed — because I’ve tried a lot of stuff. I know what works, and what doesn’t. There are a ton of products out there that work well, but they either take a lot of elbow grease or are too time-consuming. Some work, but cost way too much money. And of course, some don’t work at all.

So when I say I was impressed by Shadazzle, the all-purpose cleaner and polish that’s beloved on Amazon, it should not be taken lightly. I was skeptical at first. I’ve tried other trendy and well-rated cleaners, and haven’t always agreed with the masses! That said, I wondered if I’d have a different experience with Shadazzle. Not only did it seem super easy to apply (just get the accompanying sponge wet, and rub it on the dry polish inside the jar). It’s also made with natural ingredients, which puts my mind at ease.

Obviously, to make any sort of judgment call, I’d have to try it myself. So I decided to test it out on three surfaces in my kitchen: my stone counters, the chrome finish on my toaster, and my stainless garbage can — all of which happened to be decked out in gunk and splotches when I received the lemon-scented cleaner in the mail.

First, the counter: I noticed right away how absolutely easy (and honestly, fun?) it was to clean with Shadazzle. Just moisten the sponge under the sink, rub it on the solid polish, then apply it to the area you wish to clean. I loved every bit of the process. The sponge has some grit to it, but it’s also really soft, akin to the Sponge Daddy I use a lot in my kitchen. The polish, when wet, was just the right amount of mess. You feel like it’s actually doing something, but it’s not a hassle. And the most important part was it actually worked! The little scrubber, in tandem with the polish, totally erased the food marks and stuck-on grime on my countertop. After the spots disappeared, I just wiped away the remaining product with a wet cloth — so easy!

I had similarly impressive experiences on the metal. The chrome finish on my toaster was looking really cloudy and discolored, and a quick treatment with Shadazzle turned it into a mirror. And the same goes for my trash can: The Shadazzle not only cleared it of sticky grime and fingerprints, but it also polished the surface to a mirror-like finish. 

I’d say that’s the best part of Shadazzle — it cleans and polishes, which feels like a really effective use of cleaning time! Plus, the sponge and polish are contained in the same place, so tidying up the kitchen (not to mention storing extra cleaning supplies) is that much easier. Shadazzle really lives up to every glowing review — and more!

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