I Have a Strong Opinion About Coffee Carafes

published Nov 28, 2016
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There are few things in life as important as a good coffee carafe. Okay, maybe I’m being a little dramatic, but if coffee is as critical to your daily routine as it is to mine, I think you’ll get my point.

My husband and I have come to prefer drip coffee over trendier pour over or French press options. (I realize this will probably upset a lot of you; there’s just something I find so satisfying about making a big ol’ pot and listening to the machine do its thing.) We clearly aren’t coffee snobs, but there’s one thing we’ve come to learn and are very adamant about.

We insist on having a stainless steel carafe.

I don’t even really care how good the machine is or how easy it is to clean, as long as it has a stainless steel carafe. A glass one — with a heated plate — just doesn’t keep the coffee hot or fresh-tasting enough.

We now have this 9-Cup Coffee Maker from OXO and couldn’t be more obsessed with it. It does make good coffee and it is easy to clean, but we love it mostly because of its double-walled stainless steel carafe.

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I wake up hours before my husband on the weekends and I want (rather: need) coffee right away. I can make a full pot and it’ll still be hot by the time he moseys downstairs to fill up his own mug.

This is especially handy when we host brunch. Our friends usually want a cup of coffee before we eat, and then we all switch to a mimosa or Bloody Mary. And before everyone hits the road, they get another cup of coffee. This carafe keeps the brew hot throughout all of that.

Of course, you could have a separate carafe that you decant your coffee into once it’s brewed (or a less expensive coffee maker, still with a stainless steel carafe). As long as it’s stainless steel! If anything I’ve said has hit home for you, consider one of these fine options.