I Have a Couple Weddings Coming Up & I Think I Need This Red Cabbage Dress

(Image credit: Alyssa McNamara)

I know it’s probably not a good idea to upstage the bride, but part of me thinks there could be no better way to dress for a spring wedding than in a gown made to look like a giant head of red cabbage. I’m only half joking.

There is so much beauty in the shapes and colors of vegetables, which artist Alyssa McNamara captures especially well in this cabbage dress, part of a line called ROOTED that she created several years ago. The line also includes clothes that replicate corn, mushrooms, flowers and weeds.

So yes, while there is something a little silly about clothing modeled after a piece of produce, it is also a reminder of the small, humble moments of beauty we bump up against everyday, the ones that are so easy to overlook. This dress says: don’t forget, cabbage is awesome.

See the full line: ROOTED by Alyssa McNamara