Good Source: Lehman’s Country Life

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

I expressed my love for the Lehman’s Catalog here a few years ago and even though their popularity has grown over the years with the urban DIY movement, Lehman’s continues to be an excellent source for both unusual and practical kitchen goods and equipment. Lately I’ve also been following their online newsletter Lehman’s Country Life (just can’t find myself using the word blog and Lehman’s in the same sentence!) which is chock-full of fascinating posts on things like making sauerkraut and what to do with green tomatoes.

The newsletter is usually updated several times a week and offers a lot of sound practical advice on cooking, canning, and preserving as well as gardening, cheesemaking, and even animal husbandry. Lehman’s also has a lively Facebook page and several useful how-to videos on YouTube.

And if you don’t know the Lehman’s Catalog, it’s worth checking it out. Kind of an anti-Williams-Sonoma, Lehman’s Catalog is not about accumulating fancy and expensive kitchen equipment. It caters first to the off-the grid Amish communities as well as people living on farms and in rural communities. There is plenty for the urban DIY and home crafter here as well, from canning and butchering equipment to the world’s best butter churn.