I Can’t Smell or Taste! Ideas for Texturally Interesting Recipes?

published Feb 5, 2014
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Q: After almost a month of no smell and taste due to a sinus infection, I am looking for texturally interesting recipes. All I have is feel and sight to get excited about. A big hit with my family (including the 3- and 4-year-old) was nachos with beans and guacamole, but we don’t want that every day.

We generally eat healthfully so I don’t feel a need to focus on that. I’m just looking to add something interesting for me that will help get me interested in cooking. Any ideas?

Sent by Robin

Editor: Really good question, Robin! Personally, I think one of the greatest combinations of food textures can be found in a BLT with avocado. You have the crispy bacon, the cool and crunchy lettuce and the soft avocado — perfection! I know tomatoes are ho-hum right now, but it might be worth a try:

Readers, can you suggest some texturally interesting recipes for an eater who can’t really smell or taste anything?