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This Water Bottle Is Way Better Than Those Overhyped Ones — It Lasted a Day at the Beach!

published Aug 2, 2022
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Credit: Joe Lingeman

When I heard all the buzz about Hydro Flasks years ago, I couldn’t justify spending upwards of $40 to $50 dollars on a product I could buy on Amazon for less. And, to be honest, I didn’t get what all the fuss about a water bottle could possibly be! However, over the past few months, I’ve been simultaneously using both the uber-popular Stanley Quencher and a Hydro Flask, and I’ve found that I’m reaching for the latter more and more. Plus, with how often the Quencher goes out of stock, this is a great alternative. Between its portable size and shape and ability to keep my water ice cold for hours, I can honestly say that lately I don’t go anywhere without my Hydro Flask.

One huge perk about Hydro Flasks is that there’s a wide range of sizes and accessories to choose from to fit your needs. I have the 24 oz Wide Mouth and find that this size is perfect for myself as it’s large enough to hold a decent amount of water for an outing but not too huge that it’s cumbersome to carry. I’ve also opted for the Wide Mouth Flex Cap because it’s easier to clean than the straw lid this size comes with. I have a Flex Boot too, which is a silicone base that keeps the bottle stable. And, I love that the special powder coating on the outside of the bottle makes it dishwasher-safe and free from scratches and chips.

I’ll admit that while I’ve owned my Hydro Flask for a few months now, I hadn’t yet put it to the test. The way I typically used it was taking it with me while running errands or traveling to visit home. However, over the past few weeks, I used it on both a beach vacation and hiking, and I finally realized how convenient this bottle really is. 

Even while at the beach during a heat wave, my Hydro Flask kept water ice cold. I found that by the end of the day, I still had a few ice cubes floating around inside. And while hiking recently, I not only had perfectly chilled water by the time I got back to the car, but I also found that I had no problem carrying this bottle with me the entire time. It’s lightweight enough, especially for a stainless steel model, so it didn’t feel like a burden to tote around. The wide band on the cap was also comfortable to hold the entire time. It’s even completely leak-proof, so I never had to worry about spillage and could easily toss it in my backpack if I wanted to.

Credit: Erin Cavoto

Although I do like the Stanley Quencher for keeping a day’s worth of water at hand while I work, it’s simply too big to carry around outside of the house. As someone who uses public transportation instead of a car, I need water bottles to be reasonably sized and easy to hold or toss in a backpack.

If you’re looking for a do-it-all bottle, the Hydro Flask is a wise pick. It’s convenient to use whether you’re an outdoorsy person or you’re just trying to reach your daily water intake at home. And it offers excellent performance with its ability to keep water ice cold. You can pick one up directly at Hydro Flask, as well as on Amazon and Nordstrom.

Now, I can admit that I’m a Hydro Flask convert and definitely understand the hype!