This Stylish, Internet-Famous Rolling Tote Is the Only Bag You Need for Lugging Groceries, Laundry, Packages, and More

published Sep 25, 2023
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Credit: Tim Hargett

Schlepping groceries home from the store is far from luxurious, especially if you don’t have a car. I learned this the hard way when I moved to New York, and even though I’m four years into city living, I still misjudge how many items I can carry home every time. I’m severely lacking in upper body strength, and by the time I finally get to my building and up the stairs with my haul, I’m sweating, sore, and completely wiped out. All of the above applies to trips to the laundromat, too.

That’s where grocery carts come in. For a while, I lived in a dorm with an elevator, which meant that my metal rolling cart could go to and from the store and the laundry room just fine. But these days, it’s not exactly equipped to handle the two flights of stairs in my new place. That’s why when I came across the Hulken rolling tote on social media, I knew I had to have it immediately.

What is the HULKEN Reusable Grocery Bag?

I didn’t think I would ever call a rolling cart fashionable, but this tote is totally glam. In fact, GQ reported that the Hulken bag made numerous appearances at Fashion Week this month. A number of photographers and stylists had it in tow between events — the shiny chrome version in particular. (You can also opt for a stunning rose gold or more neutral glossy black.) But even if you’re as far from Fashion Week as you can get and completing your distinctly unglamorous food or laundry run, why not do it in style?

Good looks aside, the Hulken really shines in its functionality. It features four stainless-steel wheels that swivel, allowing for maneuverability on uneven surfaces, and an easy-to-clean, durable Polypropylene body. There are three handles, too, so lifting it up the stairs is completely effortless. In fact, one of our own staffers swears by the enormous, do-it-all tote. “I’ve used my rose gold Hulken to haul laundry up and down four flight of stairs, carry groceries to and from the car in one trip, and even as a moving ‘box’ for two moves — I’m not joking when I say you’ll find the bag infinitely useful,” shopping editor Jada said. “The versatility makes up for the high up-front cost, but four years in, I’ve got no regrets.”

Credit: Amazon

What Amazon Reviewers are Saying

Average Rating: 4.6/5

“The Hulken’s slogan is SCHLEPPING MADE EASY, and that’s EXACTLY what it does. I’ve already used it every day and it’s the best [money] I’ve ever spent. It’s SO much better than lugging around a granny-cart or high-end grocery bag OR even a suitcase. The large is extremely large, but it suits my needs perfectly. Lightweight, compact, good-looking, and won’t injure legs/ankles.” — Rebekah

“You can not imagine how much stuff can fit in this bag. It’s so lightweight as well. Instead of carrying in a stroller, a pool bag, a diaper bag, a purse, we can go places with this bag and I’m pretty sure you can plop your toddler on top too!” — Sarah Allen

“I decided it would be a good resource for moving my children into their dorm rooms, and I was right. It made shopping for additional items and bring them back to their rooms much easier. I also had tons of people asking me where I bought. It is also extremely stylish. I love the rose gold color. I’m going to have to buy another one for me because I left mine with my daughter in DC for taking her clothes to the laundry and shopping and bringing her groceries back to her dorm.” — Queen V

The Hulken combines practicality and style in a way that no other rolling cart on the market does — it’s a worthwhile investment that’ll have you forgetting about its price as soon as you take it to the grocery store for the first time. Trust us, it’s a game-changer.

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