One Big Kitchen Tool We Have… But Never Use

updated May 11, 2022
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Which common kitchen utensil do you think it is? We actually have two (maybe three) of this space-hogging tool, and as we thought about de-cluttering this week, we realized we never, ever use it. We bet you have at least one in your utensil holder, too…

There are even two of them in the picture above.

It’s a ladle. And we’re pretty sure almost all of you have one. Ladles are a mainstay in any utensil set, and they seem like such a no-brainer. You make soup? You need a ladle.

And yet we never use ours. It’s useless for stirring soup; you obviously want a good wooden spoon or something similar for that. So it exists only to serve. But we find that we prefer scooping our soup with a measuring cup, which allows us to get a decent-sized helping (as opposed to two or three dips with the ladle), is easier to clean, and takes up less room in our kitchen than a big ol’ ladle.

The only advantage the ladle has, in our opinion, is that it can sit in the pot while you eat. You have to set a measuring cup on the counter, where it creates a puddle. But still, it’s what we reach for every time.

What basic, common tool do you have and never use? We’re not talking about unitaskers or specialty tools that many of us with limited room might skip. We’re talking a tool that seems like a “Duh, of course you have that,” and yet, when you think about it, you really don’t need.

Let us know!

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