HQ Host Scott Rogowsky Shares His Favorite Trader Joe’s Snack

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If you’ve ever heard all the phones around you start beeping at exactly 3 p.m., and everyone in the vicinity suddenly stops what they’re doing and looks down, chances are good they’re all playing HQ, the trivia app that everybody is completely obsessed with. And HQ host and beloved “Quiz Daddy,” Scott Rogowsky, just shared an interesting bit of trivia about himself: He’s obsessed with Trader Joe’s dried fruit.

If you’ve never played HQ, it’s a trivia app that hosts live games twice a day. At 3 p.m. and 9 p.m. Eastern time, everyone can play a quick game of pretty difficult online trivia for actual cash prizes. There are 12 questions and each question is more difficult, and if you miss one, you’re out. If you get to the end, however, the money in the prize pot is split between everyone who won.

HQ is sort of like a super-fast round of bar trivia, but it happens in the middle of the afternoon, and it’s become such a huge phenomenon that it’s made a pretty beloved celebrity of Rogowsky. Fans are even putting photos of him on their birthday cakes, which is an honor usually reserved for luminaries like Pikachu and Elsa from Frozen.

Rogowsky recently told New York magazine’s The Strategist that Trader Joe’s is “a game changer,” and the snack he can’t get enough of is Trader Joe’s unsweetened, unsulfured dried persimmons. He says he loves Trader Joe’s dried fruit in particular, because it’s made without any sulfates and sulfur dioxides and preservatives, and also because dried fruit is totally delicious.


Rogowsky likes Trader Joe’s dried baby bananas, too, but he says his very favorites are the dried persimmons.

“I love persimmons,” he says, “but they’re so hard to eat fresh. Apparently, there are only two varieties of persimmons — one kind is completely bitter until it’s totally ripe, and the other bruises too easily.”

Hmm, seems like that little fact about persimmons might be a good bit of trivia to keep in mind for the next game session!

Have you ever played HQ?

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