How Yogurt Became the Answer to Everything

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Yogurt. It’s not new, but everyone’s talking about it. It’s a nightly ritual for some, and an essential part of breakfast for others. Store brands are hotly contested while the newest craze might be to just make it at home. So how did yogurt come to be the star of the day?

A recent article by Lindsay Abrams in The Atlantic notes that yogurt has been reinvented in the last few years as “a health product bordering on panacea.” Abrams traces yogurt’s rise through the last century beginning with Bulgaria in the 1900s and the discovery of probiotics, through the 1980s and the frozen yogurt craze, to the aughts’ dependence on high-protein-low-fat Greek yogurt, and most recently, to Brogurt, the latest spinoff. (That’s yogurt made especially for men. Don’t believe us? See here.)

It’s an interesting read. Check it out below:

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