How to Use Up a Container of Yogurt

updated Nov 29, 2023
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While yogurt makes a lovely bed for your morning fruit and granola, that’s only the beginning of its wide range of applications in the kitchen. Keep a tub of plain regular or Greek yogurt (preferably full-fat, because fat = flavor) in your fridge, and prepare to experience a whole new world of sweet and savory dishes. Here are more than 30 ideas to prove it.

Don’t forget about the empty container!

Decorate large yogurt containers and repurpose them as planters, or paint the single-serve ones, poke holes in the bottom, and use them as little shades for string lights.

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Yogurt Cake

If you're searching for the moistest cake around, yogurt is the ingredient you're after. Bake a plain and simple one, throw in different varieties of fruit, or fold in olive oil and herbs.

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Lemon Yogurt Cake

You don’t even need an electric mixer to make Dorie Greenspan's lemon cake using yogurt and vegetable oil instead of butter.

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Cocoa Yogurt Cake
This simple chocolate cake is as good on day one as it is one day two, especially if you warm it just slightly so the chocolate chunks melt a bit.
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One-Bowl Yogurt and Honey Olive Oil Cake
This humble cake is moist, tender, and perfumed with just a touch of fresh thyme and lemon zest.
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Peanut Butter Banana Breakfast Pops
A recipe for yogurt breakfast popsicles sweetened with roasted bananas and flavored with peanut butter.
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Strawberry-Yogurt Popsicles

Turn plain yogurt into cool and creamy popsicles by blending it with fresh fruit, then freezing until solid. Enjoy for breakfast or as a refreshing afternoon snack.

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2-Ingredient Griddled Flatbreads
Yogurt and self-rising flour come together to make a weeknight-friendly flatbread that doesn't even require a hot oven.
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Two-Minute Creamy Salad Dressing

Swap yogurt for buttermilk in this homemade ranch dressing, or whip up this mustard-y two-minute dressing.

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3-Ingredient Yogurt Marinated Chicken
A simple 3-ingredient yogurt marinade that makes for flavorful, juicy chicken.
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Yogurt-Marinated Chicken & Creamy Greek Sauce

When used as a marinade, the lactic acid and calcium in yogurt gently break down the protein in chicken, making it juicy, tender, and extra-flavorful.

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Sweet Potato-Chickpea Patties with Sriracha-Yogurt Dip

Whisk in a little lemon juice and serve simply as a cool, creamy dip for fried food. Or get fancy and spice it up with Sriracha.

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No-Bake Sheet Pan Lemon Yogurt Tart
An easy no-bake lemon yogurt tart that feeds a crowd and is perfect for potlucks and parties.
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Greek Yogurt Panna Cotta
An easy, no-cook recipe for creamy panna cotta made with Greek yogurt.
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One-Bowl Vanilla Cake with Yogurt Buttercream
This pretty naked cake starts with a one-bowl vanilla batter and is coated in a rich and tangy yogurt buttercream.
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Fresh Veggies with Cumin-Lime Yogurt Dip

Create a magical dip for raw veggies by whisking a spice (we like ground cumin) and freshly squeezed lime juice into plain yogurt.

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2-Ingredient Yogurt Drop Biscuits

Using the same equation as the flatbreads above, form the dough into breakfast biscuits instead. Your family will thank you.

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Whipped Yogurt with Apples and Walnuts

Whipping yogurt with cream feels wrong at first, but trust us when we say it's oh so right. The result is a lighter-than-air dessert that's wonderful topped with fruit and nuts.

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Frozen Grapes and Granola Yogurt Bark
Yogurt bark is the most fun you'll have eating yogurt for breakfast. Topped with grapes and clusters of granola, it's like a sheet pan parfait.
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Yogurt Pretzel Bark
Take everything you love about yogurt-covered pretzels and turn them into this strawberry-filled yogurt bark. It's the perfect after-school snack.
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Strawberry and Pistachio Frozen Yogurt Bark

Spread yogurt onto a sheet tray and top with fruit and nuts for a cool and creamy yogurt bark that will satisfy a sweet tooth.

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Fusilli with Tahini-Yogurt Sauce and Nigella Seeds

If you're craving a creamy pasta but want to ditch the actual cream, that tub of plain yogurt is your answer.

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Yogurt & Dill Chicken Salad
The simplest chicken salad is the best! Start with precooked chicken and you only need dill, shallots, yogurt & mayo for this lighter chicken salad.
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Magic Summer Sauce
A quick and easy 3-ingredient sauce that's a perfect condiment for grilled chicken, steak, and vegetables.
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Honey-Yogurt Avocado Toast

The one thing missing from your avocado toast? Yogurt! It adds another layer of richness and protein, making it that much more satisfying.

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Frozen Yogurt
We found the best method for making the creamiest frozen yogurt right in your own freezer.
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Fresh Peach Frozen Yogurt

Extra yogurt in the fridge is the perfect excuse to finally try your hand at homemade frozen yogurt.

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Scrambled Eggs with Goat Cheese, Greek Yogurt & Greens

Whisk some yogurt into your scrambled eggs before adding them to the skillet, making them extra light and fluffy.

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Super Juicy Turkey Burgers
We borrowed a technique often found in meatloaf recipes to create the best turkey burgers we've ever tasted.
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Peach Lassi

This classic Indian drink is a perfect way to use the rest of the tub. While it's typically made with mangos, we also love it with peaches.

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Papaya Lassi

A quick and easy recipe for a peach lassi made with fresh fruit.

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Strawberry Lassi

This light and refreshing strawberry lassi will provide some relief on hot summer days

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Creamy Avocado Lassi

The flavors of this lassi are very traditional to India. Cardamom seeds add fragrance and sweetness, while the light, delicate notes of rosewater enhance the floral creaminess.

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Fruit on the Bottom Yogurt Cups
An easy recipe for yogurt cups layered with fruit, jam, and granola that make for simple, on-the-go breakfasts.
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Honeyed Phyllo Stacks with Pistachios, Spiced Fruit & Yogurt

You'll love the layers of shatteringly crisp phyllo, the light swirls of yogurt, and the filling of chopped raisins, honey, and pistachios — rather like a lighter, deconstructed baklava.

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