How To Transport a Cupcake Without Smushing the Icing

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

To me, birthdays and January go together. This isn’t just because my own birthday is in January; I think it has to do with the fact that five other family members were born this month! And what’s better on a birthday than a surprise cupcake on the birthday boy’s desk or left at the birthday girl’s doorstep? If you want to carry a little birthday cupcake to work or to a date, here’s a smart, easy way to do it.

This cute tip is from Carrie, my colleague and editor of our site for design and living with kids, Ohdeedoh. She told me that she and her son bought a cupcake from a local bakery (Baked in Red Hook) and thought their way of packing it up for them was pretty clever. They packed it in this inverted plastic cup, which let them carry the cupcake without smushing the frosting.

As Carrie pointed out, this isn’t a very eco-friendly or practical solution if you need to transport a lot of cupcakes, but it could work for one special delivery birthdya cupcake!

You could also even use a reusable ceramic version — one of those cups shaped like a disposable travel cup.

(Image: Carrie McBride)