These Ridiculously Clever Lids Will Turn Your Regular Mason Jar into a Kitchen Workhorse

updated Oct 22, 2019
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Never underestimate the power of the humble Mason jar. This invaluable kitchen workhorse serves as affordable (and durable!) storage for pantry essentials, and is the perfect (and easy-to-clean) solution for toting your morning breakfast, afternoon salad, or cold brew. I even use one to track the amount of water I drink every day. And as if the possibilities weren’t already endless, we just discovered a brand, Jarware, that makes ridiculously functional lids that convert jars into a variety of useful items, including a cocktail shaker, flower holder, and piggy bank. Check out some of our favorites below.

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Jarware Tea Infuser

Seriously, I need this in my life ASAP. As a serious iced tea drinker, I’m not a fan of infusers that bob around in your mug, unevenly dissipating the brew. This is such a nifty solution for ensuring you get the perfectly brewed cup of tea every single time. Add your essentials (honey, lemon, simple syrup, ice cubes, or whatever else you like), fill with water, add tea leaves to the infuser, and you’re good to go. Prefer hot tea? You’ll love this pretty silicone jar jacket to keep your fingers protected.

Buy: Jarware Tea Infuser, $15

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Jarware Coffee Spoon Clip

If you use your Mason jars to store coffee beans, lentils, sugar, or other dry pantry essentials, then this little spoon clip situation is a must. It neatly fits on medium-sized Mason jars and is an especially darling addition if you have your jars on display.

Buy: Jarware Coffee Spoon Clip, $11

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Jarware Flower Grid Grill

Can we all agree that this is absolutely ingenious? The grill helps keep stems apart, giving flowers more space to bloom. It’s also a great way to display petite-sized bouquets in smaller corners or spaces such as a bookshelf or your office desk. Once the flowers have dried out, give the jar a good scrub and it’s ready to perform one of its other gazillion responsibilities.

Buy: Jarware Flower Grid Grill, $9

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Jarware Piggy Bank

At a little under $5, this little tool converts your regular Mason jar into a friendly piggy who’s happy to gobble up spare pocket change. It’s a cute stocking stuffer, gift for kids, or even a useful addition to your own entryway to help you organize all those pennies and quarters.

Buy: Jarware Piggy Bank, $5

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Jarware Cocktail Shaker Lid

The next time you host a cocktail party, give your guests a show with this nifty contraption that transforms your regular old Mason jar into a cocktail shaker. Even better? The glass exterior lets you see all the magic happening with every shake and stir. So cool!

Buy: Jarware Cocktail Shaker Lid, $15

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Jarware Honey Dipper

How pretty will a Mason jar filled with golden honey look sitting atop your breakfast table? Even better, you can banish sticky spoons forever and use this one-time solution to getting your honey out correctly.

Buy: Jarware Honey Dipper, $10

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Jarware Juicer or Lemon Squeezer

We love tools that help optimize efficiency, and this cute gadget does just that. Once you’re done squeezing lemons for salad dressings or oranges for a fresh glass of OJ, simply replace the squeezer with the original Mason jar lid and you’re good to dash out the door.

Buy: Jarware Juicer or Lemon Squeezer, $13