3 Key Steps for Throwing the Best Surprise Party Ever

published Apr 28, 2017
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There’s more to throwing a surprise party than hiding behind a couch and throwing confetti at someone. (Although, those are fun aspects of it!) Not to freak you out or anything, but if you’re the one throwing the bash, the birthday girl’s happiness rests entirely in your hands. It’s a lot a pressure, we know!

Don’t panic just yet. There are just three small things you need to do in order to throw the best surprise party ever.

1. Ask yourself these questions.

A good surprise party is as much about you, the person throwing the party, as it is the birthday girl. Meaning, can you actually pull it off? While you’re asking yourself that question, there are a few more things you could consider. For example: Are you sure she’s gonna like this?

(Image credit: Lauren Volo)

2. Make a surprising cake.

As a whole cake, this sweet treat already looks amazing (all that candy!). Then, when the birthday girl goes to cut into it, she’ll find not one, but two more surprises: the super-colorful rainbow layers and an avalanche of joy in the form of even more candy that’s hiding inside. Make this cake for a surprise party — or any occasion — and you will be a unicorn-like hero.

3. Make sure it’s actually a surprise.

Keeping a secret from your bestie is hard. But it’s kind of a crucial part of a surprise party. You’ll have to keep your piehole shut — and you’ll also need to plan some A-plus trickery.

Have you thrown a surprise party recently? How’d it go?