Throw a Soup Party! A Reader’s Soup Cook-Off

published Oct 27, 2011
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So, we’ve thrown a lot of soup recipes and ideas at you this week. What are you going to do with them all? Here’s one idea: A soup party and cook-off! Reader Barb sent us this cute party that she threw last winter with some friends. And it wasn’t just a party — it was a friendly contest, too! Read on for all the details and more photos.

From Barb:
We hosted the Big Mouth, Big Bowl Challenge: Soup Edition on a chilly Saturday afternoon. Each cheftestant brought a soup of their choice, their own ladle, bread to accompany their soup, and a recipe card printed off for each person to take home.

We started with a cheese plate filled with goodies from a local gourmet cheese shop (including a few cheeses from America’s Dairyland, Wisconsin) and moved on to the soup. Each course was served separately, and the chef had a chance to make a few comments about her soup.

After all four soups, we each cast a vote for the winning soup. The lucky winner (the chef of the shrimp bisque) took home a personalized and framed spoon.

Special details included:
• Handmade cloth napkins
• Handmade placemats personalized with the name of each soup
• Trophy made from a custom spoon, from Wooden Hive
• Floral centerpieces made from Campbell’s soup cans
• Recipe cards by Honeybee Design

It was such a hit that we hope to make it an annual event; each year we well have a cook-off of some sort of recipe that can be served in a bowl.

More about the soup cook-off as well as this year’s challenge!
Big Mouth Big Bowl, Soup Edition at Barb’s blog
Big Mouth, Big Bowl: Pasta Edition

* * *

Thanks so much for sharing, Barb!

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(Images: Barb via email)