How To: Stay Scratch Free

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)
We’ve never been to big on the idea of pot racks. Although many people couldn’t live without them, we’re personally to clumsy to be wielding large heavy pans over our heads and when you have 20 ft ceilings, they become a bit more of a challenge. To keep things neat, organized and stacked together (scratch free of course) we turn to a few handy household items…

Back in the college years we never would have thought twice about opening cupboards and tossing in pans in whatever fashion they might lay. Buy once we started buying our pans on a pan-by-pan basis and investing our hard earned money in ones that would give us the most mileage, we started paying closer attention!

In our kitchen (which can be seen in part over here) we have open racking storage. To take advantage of the height that each shelf offers, we end up stacking things more often than not.

To keep our finishes clean and safe from harm we use a few dividers that can be found around the house. Some are made from cardboard from packaging (like you would find in a dishware box), some are sponge cloths cut in half and others are knitted shapes. All work equally well, although we love the sponge cloths and our knitted shapes most. The cardboard works great and we do put it to use, although our dishes must be 100% dry before re-shelving (which they should be anyway, but you never know!).

The sponge cloths and knitted pieces are able to be repurposed as hot pads, trivets and obviously to wash dishes! They keep things situated (which is important since we ridiculously close to a large train line) and scratch free! Do you use something along these lines? Let us know in the comments below!

(Images: Sarahrae)