How To Slice a Bell Pepper

published Apr 14, 2010
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Bell peppers are one of our all-time favorite vegetables. They can be hollowed out and filled with rice stuffing. They can be cut into strips and dipped in dressing for a quick afternoon snack. Or they can be diced and used in any stir-fry, frittata, or pasta sauce. This method works well for prepping any bell pepper for any dish you want, but it’s certainly not the only way! How do you slice your peppers?

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What You Need


one or more bell peppers – green, red, yellow, or orange


a sharp knife


1. Slice off the top of the pepper – This removes the stem without the difficulty of cutting through or around it. Once the cap is removed, it’s easy to lay it flat on the counter and slice off the edible parts.

2. Use your fingers to pull out the seeds and innards – This removes all those messy seeds in one piece. Once you have the bulk of it removed, go back in with your fingers and pull away any remaining fibrous white filaments.

3. Slice the pepper in half – Lay the pepper flat on the work surface, with the cut top down, and slice right through the middle.

4. Slice off thin strips lengthwise – You can make these strips thick or thin, depending how how you’re planning to use them.

5. Line up the strips and slice across – This is easiest to do if you work with just a few strips at a time. Line them up together and simply cut across to make even squares.

Additional Notes:

• After removing the stem and innards in step 2, the pepper can be filled with stuffing and cooked.

• You can store the strips made in step 4 in water to keep them fresh and crunchy. With a little dip, this is a great afternoon snack.

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