I Just Found Out You Can Use Garlic to Separate Your Egg Yolks and Now I Won’t Do It Any Other Way

published Apr 15, 2022
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Credit: Emma Christensen/Kitchn

We’ve made it to the 21st century. And while self-driving cars and space tourism are a thing, there are still so many kitchen inconveniences that science and technology have yet to help us conquer. Case in point: separating an egg yolk without making a mess or leaving traces of yolk in your egg whites.

Enter content creator Bayashi, who has amassed millions of Instagram and TikTok followers with a feed that is part culinary innovation, part food comedy, and part ASMR. In a recent post, the self-proclaimed foodie shared a life hack for the cleanest egg yolk separation I’ve ever seen.

After breaking the egg into the palm of his hand and transferring the yolk back and forth between his hands, creating a mess and inevitably ending up with a less-than-perfect division, Bayashi offers an alternate approach.

First, crack your egg onto a plate. Then rub a single, peeled clove of garlic between your thumb and index finger for a few seconds. Finally, grab the yolk with garlic-coated fingers. Per Bayashi’s example, you should be able to pull the yolk straight out.

Blown away by this trick? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. But if you were wondering how it even happens, there is some science behind this trick. It has to do with the same hybrid sulfur, hydrogen, and carbon molecules that give garlic its strong smell. “Garlic releases mercaptans, which cause your finger to be sticky and form a bond with the egg yolk,” explains TikToker Noah Young in a similar demonstration. Who knew!

So, there you have it. An egg hack and a science lesson all in one. Is this something you’ll test or have tested out? If so, let us know in the comments.