This Fridge Staple Instantly Saves Overcooked Scrambled Eggs

published Jun 14, 2023
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eggs on a plate with a fork
Credit: Photo: Chris Simpson; Food Styling: Pearl Jones; Prop Styling: Paige Hicks

If you have any experience making scrambled eggs, then you know just how easy it can be to overcook them. Even if just by a few seconds, leaving scrambled eggs in the pan for too long can result in an overcooked, dry, and rubbery consistency. With plenty of methods and tricks available at our leisure from chefs like Gordon Ramsay and J. Kenji Lopez-Alt, making scrambled eggs should be a breeze — but saving an overcooked scramble can still be a bit tricky.

Luckily, Girl Meets Farm star, Molly Yeh, is on the task and she has a pretty interesting trick for saving your overcooked eggs from their impending doom. The trick? Just add a little cream cheese. The Home is Where the Eggs Are author just might be the perfect person to take tips from in this department, and in a recent interview with Tasting Table, she details just how to put this trick into use. 

If you find yourself in a situation where you may have been distracted and should have already removed your scrambled eggs from the heat, act quick within those few seconds and add a little cream cheese to the overcooked eggs. The dairy element will give the eggs the much-needed creaminess they’re missing, while the acidity of the cheese will also act as a callback to the popular pairing of ketchup and eggs that we all loved as kids. 

“If you’re just kind of nervous about getting that perfect consistency, you have that insurance plan of the cream cheese that will allow you that similar creamy textural experience,” Yeh exclaims. “If you accidentally overcook your egg by two seconds, you still have creaminess from the cream cheese, so that texture is still there.”

While I am more likely to add cheddar cheese to my eggs versus cream cheese, I will definitely give this trick a try if I find myself royally messing up in the future. Until then, I’ll do my best to make the egg gods proud.