How To Prettify (and Kittify) an Ugly Dishwasher Panel Annie's February Jumpstart Project 2009

How To Prettify (and Kittify) an Ugly Dishwasher Panel Annie's February Jumpstart Project 2009

Faith Durand
Feb 11, 2009

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Project: Dishwasher Panel's Functional Facelift
Name: Annie
Time: 2 hours
Cost: $25

We've been telling you that even renters can improve their kitchens, and today's Jumpstart project from Annie fits right in! She took an ugly eyesore in her little kitchen and made it a bright spot of color and a scratching post for her cat. Cute kitty, Annie's explanation, and how-to photos below.



My apartment is very small and there isn't much room for a big cat scratching post (which are generally ugly anyway), AND I have an unsightly bright white metal panel on the side of the dishwasher instead of a real wood panel that could match the cabinetry (result of a cheap landlord). With this project, I've created a giant scratching post and covered up the ugly side of the dishwasher with inexpensive and cat-friendly sisal.

3'x5' sisal rug, cut to size with scissors
2'x4' 1/8" thick hardboard panel, cut to size
Staple gun
Clear packing tape to prevent fraying of cut edges of rug
3/4" long nuts and bolts to secure panel to existing dishwasher side panel
Power screwdriver
Measuring tape

1. Measure dimensions of existing metal dishwasher side panel.

2. Have hardboard panel cut down to same size of metal panel at Home Depot.

3. Drill holes into hardboard panel in the same locations as the existing metal panel bolts.

4. Trace size of panel onto the sisal rug. Allow approximately 1 1/2"-2" of extra on all sides and cut with scissors. (Note that I bought a larger than needed rug so that the weave of the sisal was going the best direction for catching the cat's claws.)

5. Lay the hardboard panel on the cut sisal and wrap the edges over.

6. Staple the flaps down to the hardboard on all four edges using longish staples every 1/2" or so. Make sure to try to stretch the sisal as much as possible while doing this so that it doesn't stretch out later with use.

7. Tape the raw cut edges of the sisal to the hardboard to prevent fraying.

8. Remove existing metal side panel from dishwasher side brackets with power screwdriver.

9. Use new longer nuts and bolts to reattach the new sisal panel to the old metal panel and reattach to existing brackets.

10. Let the kitty go nuts!

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