People Are Just Discovering This Trick for Pouring Soda into a Glass with Zero Fizz, and They’re Forever Changed

published Jun 13, 2023
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Cola with crushed ice in glass and there is water droplets around. cool black fresh drink.
Credit: Chinnachart Martmoh / Getty Images

If there is one thing I love about social media above all other things, it’s the ingenious tricks and hacks people come up with that make life just a little bit easier. Some hacks I find to be just simple time-savers, while others are complete game-changers.No matter how simple or life-changing I find a hack to be though, it’s always fun to discover new ways of doing old things.

Carrying me down a rabbit hole of new things, @Jordan_The_Stallion8 recently took to his Instagram account to share a new method for pouring the perfect glass of soda. And honestly, it’s one of those things I feel like I should have known previously, but am actually glad I know now.

You may already be aware that the pop tab of a soda can be turned about and used to hold a straw in place, but what you may not know is that the very same tab can be used to pour your beverage with the perfect amount of foam. In his post, Jordan pops a soda can tab open, then uses the tab to hold the can in an angled downward position against the glass while the soda begins to pour.

I wouldn’t believe it if I hadn’t seen it for myself, but the hack is really quite simple. There was no need to pick up, tilt, and angle the glass or can of soda to achieve that perfect pour. Nor was there a risk of creating too much or too little “head” from the soda’s carbonation. But what I found most impressive about this hack, was that the soda was able to be poured hands-free without the glass ever overfilling. 

After trying it for myself, I can say that this hack checks out, and it might just be my new way for pouring all canned beverages moving forward.