How To Pour Ingredients into the Mixer Without a Mess

published Jun 12, 2007
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Pouring ingredients into a running standing mixer is a big challenge. It is too awkward to push ingredients from a standard mixing bowl into a running Kitchen Aid.

We’ve struggled with this since we first bought our mixers and we’re not the only ones . . . We watch carefully when TV chefs pour ingredients into their whirring, running standing mixers. Celebrity chefs struggle with this little detail too.

Here’s a possible solution we discovered last night at Williams-Sonoma: the Pourfect Bowl Set.

Check out Williams-Sonoma’s description of these bowls:

Ingeniously designed for use with any stand mixer while it’s running, the bowls neatly guide dry or liquid ingredients into the work bowl. Their ergonomic handles are designed for comfortable, one-handed pouring from the dripless spout, while a built-in pivot steadies the bowls on the edge of the mixer’s work bowl.

Pretty great, right? Pourfect lists 8 benefits of their bowl’s “channel and gull wing design” on their site. We can’t wait to try them. If you own one, let us know what you think.

Real Baking with Rose, a blogger for Gold Medal flour, says the Pourfect Bowls are “something I never even dared dream of: The POURfect bowls which enable you to pour ingredients into a stand mixer while it is running without danger of hitting the paddle beater or spilling a single drop of liquid or smidgen of flour.”

The name of these bowls is way too Three Stooges for us, but if they work, who cares about the name? We’ll just call them the-billiant-spouted-bowls-that-mean-I-don’t-get-flour-on-the-counter-when-I-use-the-mixer.