The One and Only Garlic Shortcut You Need This Thanksgiving

published Nov 14, 2017
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Yes, yes I know. We’ve talked at length about garlic hacks. We all love the taste and despise the prep work. We’ve talked before about how to peel garlic with the help of the microwave, a cocktail shaker (bonus cardio workout), or a few bowls. In addition, we’ve also chatted about peeling individual cloves with your bare hands (hulk smash) and with the side of your knife (old school — no hacks involved).

But this new hack that we just discovered might just be better than the rest of them, and requires zero cardio to get the job done. This tip lets you process a large amount of garlic for all your holiday cooking in just a few minutes flat! All you need is a bowl of hot water, according to Tom Cenci of Duck and Waffle in London.

For this easy-to-peel garlic tip, you simply submerge the garlic cloves in a bowl of warm water and let them sit for a few minutes. Then you remove the cloves from the water and the skins should pop off more easily in your hands. If you needed extra help, or the skins are still a bit stubborn, try using a paring knife. How easy does that sound?

This method doesn’t cook the garlic, but it does make that gooey suction layer (technical food term) between the clove and the skin fade away so the cloves slide right out! This is the perfect tip for all your holiday cooking needs, specifically for Thanksgiving. So bulk up and peel them all at once and store the leftovers in the refrigerator while you’re knocking out your holiday cooking.

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