How To Pan-Fry Leftover Bread Stuffing

published Nov 27, 2009
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We’re offering you a few fresh ideas for your Thanksgiving leftovers today and tomorrow, anticipating that you have some turkey or cranberry sauce sitting around in your fridge. But I have to confess that I am closest in sympathy to Linda Brandt of the Sarasota Herald-Tribune, who writes, “It is a mystery to me why, after spending Thanksgiving Day in the kitchen, the person who prepared the meal would want to spend another day in the kitchen making it unrecognizable to serve again, especially if it was good the first time.”

Indeed! I adore leftover cranberry sauce, cold and straight from the fridge, smeared on a piece of hot toast. I love warmed-up sweet potatoes, and slivers of mincemeat pie for breakfast. So my own love of Thanksgiving leftovers leans less towards entirely new recipes (unless, of course, I have three pounds of shredded turkey left over!) and more towards creative ways of heating up and reusing them. There are some great ideas in Linda’s piece, by the way; here’s a link:

But my own favorite way of enjoying left over Thanksgiving food (in fact, I hoard it for this) is pan-fried bread stuffing.

This is a great way to heat up leftover stuffing and to make it, if possible, better than it was on Thanksgiving. Instead of warming it up into a soggy mass in the microwave, you heat up a frying pan and sear lumps of stuffing until they are warm inside and crispy-chewy on the outside. Eat with an egg on top for breakfast — heaven!

Here’s how I do it.

1 Heat up a heavy frying pan over medium heat, and add a little vegetable oil to it.

2 Spoon out some stuffing and pack it into a tight, firm cake.

3 When the pan is hot add the lump of stuffing and cook without turning for 4 to 5 minutes. Check occasionally to see if it is browning. When it seems well-browned, flip over with a sharp spatula and cook for about 5 minutes on the other side, pressing it down occasionally.

Flip out when done serve with an egg or gravy and enjoy!

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