People Are Just Discovering How to Open Tightly Sealed Jars with Ease, and They’re Calling It Ingenious

published May 4, 2023
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Someone opening jar of pickled cucumbers
Credit: CentralITAlliance / Getty Images

It’s not every day that I get the chance to feel like a superhero. So anytime my girlfriend calls me from another room to help her open a tightly sealed jar, I proudly throw on my cape and parade myself into the kitchen. For me it’s a low-effort, high-reward activity — and I love it. Another thing I love just as much? Kitchen hacks. And this next one could either help me or prevent me from throwing my cape on as much as before.

This hack is actually a game-changer, but it does put my superhero opportunities in jeopardy. In a recent Instagram post, @CountryHomes.Charm showcased a very easy tip for opening sealed jars, and it only requires the use of a bottle opener. That’s right — a bottle opener

Although the lid of a jar is screwed on, the force applied by the bottle opener when applied in traditional fashion releases the pressurized air from the jar and allows you to unscrew the lid with ease. It’s a pretty ingenious workaround, and one that I kind of can’t wait to try myself.

But now I find myself at a crossroads. Do I share this hack with my partner so she no longer feels the need to call in the reinforcements when jars are too tight for her to open? Or, do I continue to get that quick hit of dopamine every time I swoop in to the rescue? It’s probably safe to say that my superhero jar opening days will soon be coming to an end because she’s a huge supporter of my writing and will probably read this once it goes live. Looking for other hacks that will make you feel like a superhero? This trick will turn your old Bundt pan into a tabletop planter with ease.