Here’s How to Open Your Spaghetti Bags Correctly, According to an Official Nonna

published Apr 1, 2022
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Credit: Danielle Centoni

Have you ever wondered if you were opening that bag of spaghetti correctly? Me neither. I mean, how could there be a wrong way? It seems so trivial, but given that there are a few different ways to go about getting the bag open, there must be a superior method above them all, right? Well, leave it to somebody’s Nonna to flip your whole world upside down with one simple kitchen hack: A good smack on the countertop. 

Nonna Elda, aka Nonna Elda Cooks, recently took to her TikTok page, where she schools us with her vast knowledge of Italian cuisine and lets everyone in on her secret to properly opening a bag of spaghetti.

Now, of course, your instincts may be to pry the bag open with your fingers or grab a pair of scissors and simply cut it open, but, according to Nonna, that would be wrong. “You never cut the spaghetti with the scissors,” says Nonna Elda before promptly smacking one end of the spaghetti package on the countertop, pushing the noodles right out the other end.  

An audible gasp can be heard in Nonna’s video right after she opens the spaghetti and, honestly, that was my exact reaction as well. How did we make it so far in life without realizing this simple hack sooner? I’m just thankful we have people like Nonna Elda whose vast experiences pave the way for the younger aspiring chefs of the world.

A lot of times in life, less is more. So why not cut out the scissors? Why waste time trying to pry the package open with your fingers? Give it a good smack on the countertop like a true Italian and thank Nonna Elda for being the treasure that she is.  

By now you might be looking for an excuse to try Nonna Elda’s method out and, if you are, might we suggest making some spaghetti Napolitan or pizza spaghetti? Just don’t forget to have a firm grip on the spaghetti pack before you smack it on the counter. Happy cooking!