This Woman Made Homemade Yogurt Tubes with Her Instant Pot and We’ve Never Been More Impressed

updated Oct 10, 2019
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Credit: Heather Criddle-Cook

The Facebook group “Instant Pot Community” is a treasure trove of hints on how to make the most of the beloved appliance. This was most certainly the case when group member Heather Criddle-Cook posted about the homemade sleeves of Go-Gurt-like pouches that she cleverly made using her Instant Pot, Food Saver vacuum sealer, and oh … a veterinary syringe.

Making yogurt in the Instant Pot is a pretty common use, as it requires just a few simple ingredients and many of the versions have a one-button option for it. But as anyone with kids can tell you, it’s always easier if you can just hand over a no-mess version of any food, and that goes double for yogurt. So Heather devised a way to use her vacuum food sealer to make individual bags and fill them with her Instant Pot yogurt. But how did she do it, exactly? We went straight to the source to find out.

“I make yogurt quite often because my kids love it. So I decided to try making homemade yogurt tubes after purchasing reusable tubes and being too impatient to wait on them to arrive! I had some leftover Food Saver bags, so I cut them to the size I needed, sealed them using the seal function on the machine, filled the tubes with a syringe, and then used the seal-only function on my food saver (not the vacuum and seal, because it will suck the yogurt out of the tubes), and viola! Homemade yogurt tubes that the kids LOVE,” Heather told us.

In the comments, Heather expands a bit, admitting that the whole thing was a bit of a mess to do. Thankfully, the rest of the community chimed in with reusable, more easy-to-use options available for purchase online, like these freezable silicone tubes from Amazon. Either way, props to Heather for her clever creation!