How To Make Toasted Marshmallow Strawberries

updated Jun 8, 2019
How To Make Marshmallow Strawberries
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(Image credit: Leela Cyd)

When strawberries come into their own in late May and early June, they need very little help making their way from the carton into our mouths. But once you’ve eaten a few pounds and perhaps made a batch of chocolate-dipped strawberries, what’s next?

How about toasted marshmallow strawberries? This is a two-ingredient dessert that also happens to be a fun after-dinner treat to make with friends. Think of it as strawberry S’mores, no campfire needed. Toasty, sweet marshmallows and tart berries? So delicious. Make extra — here’s how!

(Image credit: Leela Cyd)

We first saw this idea executed by Cynthia Furey of Furey and the Feast (published at Food52) and we loved the simplicity of it. Just gooey, toasted marshmallow on strawberries, like a slightly sweeter strawberries in cream. (She recommends trying it with peaches too.)

Just Two Ingredients: Strawberries & Marshmallow Fluff

But while Cynthia offered up a meringue recipe for dipping the strawberries, we couldn’t help but wonder: would store-bought marshmallow creme work just as well? Why yes, it turned out! Just two ingredients are all you need: a jar of old-fashioned marshmallow fluff and a bowl of strawberries.

You can of course make your own marshmallow cream or your own meringue if you prefer, but the store-bought stuff is a fast and easy shortcut, especially when it’s warmed slightly to make the strawberries easier to dip.

This is a perfectly simple recipe; we whipped up this batch in just 5 minutes a few weeks ago, and we couldn’t stop stuffing them into our mouths! The strawberries are sweet, fresh, and tart, and there was just a hint of campfire smokiness to the toasted marshmallow.

(Image credit: Leela Cyd)

No Torch? No Problem!

No kitchen torch for torching your strawberries and marshmallow fluff? No problem! We also tried this by holding the strawberry (carefully! gingerly!) over the gas burners of my stove, and it worked very well. The strawberry had a tendency to light on fire, and there was less control in this method than using a torch, but it’s a good and easy alternative.

A Dessert to Make Together

The best thing about this dessert, though, besides its deliciousness and two-ingredient ease, is how fun it is to make with a group of people. Three of us were clustered around my kitchen island, dipping strawberries and torching them up, laughing and getting marshmallow stickiness on our fingers and munching strawberries. So fun — a great final note to a spring dinner party.

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You need only two ingredients: marshmallow creme and strawberries! (Image credit: Leela Cyd)

How To Make Marshmallow Strawberries

Makes 16 to 24

Nutritional Info


  • 1 pound

    strawberries, about 16 to 24 berries, washed and dried

  • 1 cup

    marshmallow creme, or homemade marshmallow or meringue


  • Small bowl

  • Kitchen torch or gas stove burner

  • Platter


  1. Warm the marshmallow creme: Put the marshmallow cream in a small bowl and warm in the microwave in increments of 5 seconds. The marshmallow creme should be easily spreadable but not runny.

  2. Dip the strawberries in the marshmallow creme: Hold each strawberry by its top and dip deeply into the marshmallow. Swirl and flip the berry at the end to catch any drips.

  3. Torch the marshmallow creme: Still holding the strawberry by its top, carefully toast the marshmallow with a kitchen torch until browned and toasty. Alternative: You can also do this over a gas stove burner (remove the grate over the burner), although we found it more difficult to control the amount of heat each marshmallow strawberry received; they got darker more quickly and often lit on fire. If you don't mind a real campfire taste, then this works fine.

  4. Eat immediately! Lay the finished strawberries on a platter and eat immediately. These are best eaten within half an hour, as the strawberry's moisture will slowly cause the marshmallow to soften and slip off if left too long.

Recipe Notes

It's important that the strawberries be completely dry, otherwise the marshmallow creme will slip off.

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